Eliza Marin

Editor & Writer
Berlin Logs

Berlin, Germany

I’m very pleased to recommend Eileen Carelock. As a writer and editor at Berlin Logs I’ve worked alongside Eileen for the past six months. Not only has she been a key player on our team, but she’s also become a friend.

Eileen is a superb editor and a committed leader. She is creative, timely, organized and reliable. When at Berlin Logs, she served as managing editor to the writers and editors team, as well as in charge of PR, social media and all types of communications. In charge of overseeing and delegating work to writers and editors alike, Eileen portrayed a strong ethic in assigning tasks based the capabilities, while assertive to the level of professional involvement. She is an active listener, a proactive team player and a genuinely interested team builder.

As a manager, Eileen formed the base of a strategic publishing plan and helped everyone commit to their deadlines. Her experience as a writer is an invaluable asset, because of the consideration for other colleagues’ work. She is a strong communicator and fully understands the multifaceted perspectives of creative writing. As an editor, she upheld a tight work integrity, always aiming for an original voice, balanced content and an utmost respect for creativity. She was a diligent editor within a fluctuating production schedule and still managed to deliver high quality work.

Not only is she able to edit with an outstanding finesse but, her commitment to excellence equips her with straightforwardness and diplomacy in building a strong foundation in the company.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Eileen and I genuinely recommend her.

August 2016

Kym Fulton

Tarantula on Stilts Hair Bauhaus

San Francisco, CA, USA

I highly recommend Eileen Carelock as a candidate for employment. Eileen was employed by Tarantula on Stilts Hair Bauhaus as a web designer from 2013-present. Eileen was responsible for completely redesigning our old, outdated website and was responsible for any updates or redesigns that our company needed over the past two years.

Eileen has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. Eileen works very well independently and is able to anticipate our needs usually before we do. She has shown great flexibility and willingness to work on any project that we need her for.

As a direct result of Eileen's design, our business has grown over 200% over the past two years.

Eileen would be a tremendous asset for your company and has our highest recommendation.

March 2015

Bernard Nguyen

Former Sales Trainer
Operations Supervisor
DOCS Education / b2d Marketing

Seattle, WA, USA

This letter may be treated as my personal recommendation for Eileen Carelock. Upon my being hired as the Sales Trainer and Operations Supervisor at DOCS Education, there were several critical issues that needed to be addressed to ensure the long term sustainable success of the organization.

Ms. Carelock assisted with addressing the following organizational gaps:

  • Advanced training and support materials of current pharmaceutical trends and license requirements were immediately required to ensure a knowledgeable sales force.
  • Our sales force was not equipped to handle direct- to- client advanced level support for complex patient issues, technical support and large practice sales management.
  • Our National Seminar Sales team did not have a concrete plan to address doctor’s onsite training requests and needs.

If the company were to continue to grow and remain profitable, it was very clear that the marketing, customer service and sales teams needed to be better trained and supported. Furthermore, our customer service infrastructure needed to evolve to handle the growth of our clientele. Eileen played a very instrumental role in creating a coherent message during this time of transition. Although she was staffed as my administrative assistant for a brief period of time, I quickly realized that she had incredible talent in writing and graphic design.

Teaching the science and pharmacology behind our complex products was my primary duty as the company’s sales trainer. Using my knowledge as a guide, Eileen created the training materials, a 150-page training manual, to address the aforementioned key gaps. As a means to measure the success of our training initiative, she designed and implemented a series of assessments to quantify a sales team member’s level of product comprehension and sales methodology. Prior to the training initiative, the collective mean average was ~29 percentile, while post training scores were in the ~84 percentile. This drastic increase in product knowledge is due largely to the training materials put together by Eileen.

Additionally, training materials for the doctors were very outdated; they were largely comprised of text with few visual aids. Eileen was tasked with the duty of revamping our training and support materials for the doctors and the seminar sales team. She refurbished the PowerPoint decks, giving them a fresh, contemporary look. More importantly, her delivery of information encouraged easier, more logical transition between chapters. Because of this, a higher percentage of doctors were able to successfully pass the 12-page exam for certification.

I would gladly and wholeheartedly recommend Eileen to any role within a company that demands a brilliant, multi-faceted, creative, personable, talented team member – she would be an invaluable asset to your team.

April 2013

Devin Booth

Twice Sold Tales, Capitol Hill

Seattle, WA, USA

I am writing to offer without reservation my recommendation of Eileen Carelock. Eileen has been employed by Twice Sold Tales of Capitol Hill since December 1, 2007. During this time she has proved to be a dedicated and valued member of our team.

Eileen quickly mastered the various tasks required of her. She has cheerfully taken on new responsibilities, and has shown a high degree of self-direction, identifying jobs that need to be done and completing them with aplomb.

Additionally, Eileen responsibly demonstrates those attributes that make for great employees. She is punctual and dependable, affable and accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. Good customer service skills come naturally to her, and she manages adversity with ease.

In closing, I hope you will make Eileen the next member of your staff. Be assured that she will make an immediate and valuable contribution to your business.

October 2008